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About Recipe Bungalow

Hi, I'm Kate. I buy, sell and trade recipes ... and make them available to you.

Hi, I'm Cooper. I keep Kate in line. Enjoy our recipe collection and menu planning tips.

Thanks for stopping by!

Do you love food? Are you looking for ideas to get some tasty plates to your table - quickly? Would you like some tips for organizing your kitchen and your life? If so, you are in the right place!

Recipe Bungalow is all about recipes and menu planning. You'll find boatloads of quick and easy, tasty recipes. Our goal is to share strategies for keepin' it simple and sassy in the kitchen with ravishing recipes in a snap. The kitchen after-all is where all of the important planning goes down. Create goals and get a plan to make it happen. 


Get inspired and motivated. Live the life of your dreams! 


In the words of Langston Hughes ..........

...... Hold Fast to Dreams, for if Dreams Die, Life is a Broken-Winged Bird that Cannot Fly!

Kate Witkowski