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Never run short of a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert recipe idea.


Recipe Bungalow Stacks is filled with fresh and fabulous meal plans along with simple and tasty, themed recipes, organized into beautiful collections.

💚 Recipes for simple, delicious home cooked meals without stress

💚 Done-for-You Meal Plans 

💚Thousands of themed 'Gap Recipes' and Blank Meal Planning Templates in case you don't like our plan ... ouch!!! 

Fabulous Meal Plans + Quick & Easy, Tasty Recipes = A Great Day!

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When you join the Recipe Bungalow Stacks Community, here is what you get:


1.    Fresh and Fabulous Meal Plan Collection – 52 Weekly Meal Plans, each with 12-15 recipes. Great for cooking for one or two!

2.    Light and Easy Meal Plan Collection – 23 Weekly Meal Plans (as of May 2023), each with 15 recipes. We're posting one new weekly plan each month, until we reach 52 weeks. Great for cooking for one or two!

3.    Plantsy Vegetarian Meal Plan Collection – 32 Weekly Meal Plans (as of May 2023), each with 15 recipes. We're posting one new weekly plan each month, until we reach 52 weeks. Great for cooking for one or two!

4.   Specialty Collections

  • Clean Simple Eats with Meal Plans

  • Keto-Friendly & Low-Carb Recipes

  • Smoothie & Juice Collection

  • Plantsy Vegetarian Recipes

  • Plantsy Vegan Recipes

11. Pocket Recipes Bundle – 96 separate collections of ingredient-themed recipes. Each collection contains from hundreds to thousands of recipes. See below for the details.

12. Signature Collections – Mini-collections of themed recipes, including ...

  • Five Ingredients

  • Cast Iron Skillet

  • Decadent Desserts

  • In a Flash

  • One Pot Soup, Stew & Chili

  • Sheet Pan

  • Instant Pot®️

  • Air Fryer

13. Kitchen, Chat, This & That

  • Meal Planning Printables

  • Recipe Bungalow Sampler

  • Random Walk Down Recipe Bungalow 

  • Green Juice Sampler

  • Spices by the Sea

  • 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

  • Summer Bites and 10 Cool Recipes

  • Shiver Me Timbers! A Pirates Coloring Book

The Pocket Recipes

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Yes, there are tons of free recipes all over the internet.

My son reminds me of that all the time.
Nobody wants to buy recipes, he says.

But those free recipes are filled with ads and stories,
and likely nowhere to be found when you are deciding what to eat.

And don't forget all the different sites you need to click on to collect 'em!

We do NOT do ads, except for our own stuff. No affiliate marketing, Google Ads or any similar program.

We simply sell our recipe collections at a low price.

Don't get me wrong, most of
the recipes on the internet are great ... ours' included! We simply add another downright delicious layer to the mix.

At Recipe Bungalow you get premium recipes, lots of them and growing, beautifully designed and well-organized, without having to wade through stories and ads, all in downloadable PDF collections in one place.


At Recipe Bungalow, we're All About Keep'in It Simple, Fun and Tasty in the Kitchen .....

A great meal with a fabulous recipe can easily turn your day from ... 'what the hec happened?' ... to ... 'let's get rollin' in some fun!' 

Or, it can make a great day even better.

Cooking at home is trending.  You control the atmosphere and eat what you want. You can listen to your own music or have a great conversation. Or simply eat quietly. You decide. Your home. Your meal.

Studies show that many people decide what they’re going to eat on the same day as the meal, and meal planning is a major driver of stress. I've been there and, from conversations I've had with others, so have lots of other people!

Yes, we all have great intentions to plan our meals, but life gets in the way. The result is an 'oh well, here it goes again' reach into the refrig or pantry ... or a fast food run.

Recipe Bungalow's plans and recipes are designed to take the stress out of getting a beautiful plate of great food to your table. 

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Ditch the Stress  💚💚💚 Enjoy Life
Join Our Recipe Bungalow Community

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